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Intergamma is a franchise organisation for DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Using store formulas such as GAMMA and KARWEI has made Intergamma the market leader in the DIY market in the Benelux. Intergamma is one of the fifteen largest in Europe. Besides centralised purchasing, Intergamma offers its franchise-holders services in the field of shop furnishings, computerisation, training and logistics. The Netherlands has 165 GAMMA and 131 KARWEI DIY stores and Belgium has 84 GAMMA DIY stores.

Rotomrent stackingracks

The peak moment of Intergamma

“Is the sun switched on?” for Intergamma, the franchise organisation for Gamma and Karwei, the peak period coincides with the rise of the mercury in the barometer. “We know that the kick-off of the gardening season starts somewhere around Easter. There is a run-up in the preceding months. But as long as we are not able to switch the sun on there will be a certain degree of unpredictability. Then it is nice to have a logistics partner that is able to respond rapidly. Rotom fulfils this role with verve”, according to Guido Hillesum of Intergamma.

Leasing Mobile Racks gives us flexibility

“The Intergamma range changes a great deal”, continues Hillesum, who manages OSD (own stock distribution) at Intergamma. “The supply of garden furniture starts in the summer. Couches, barbecues, parasols, you name it. A great deal of that season-specific stuff is rather voluminous and does not fit nicely onto a europallet. This is why were lease a large number of Mobile Racks from Rotom. An excellent alternative with which we can efficiently stack products with larger dimensions. We use leased stackable racks to create extra storage capacity at peak times and in order to retain the desired level of flexibility. At that time, the ratio of owned equipment to leased equipment is 80/20.”