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The first Auchan supermarket was opened in 1967. Currently, Auchan Group is one of ten biggest food retailers around the globe. It owns 1495 supermarkets and warehouses and 342 shopping centres in 13 countries in Europe and Asia. They are a type of an employer for whom the key values are trust, cooperation and progress. Auchan Group employs 287 thousand people who in 2012 had the turnover of 60 bilion Euro.

Auchan Group is one of ten best food retailers around the globe. The French supermarket chain does not limit itself to dealing with food items only. January is the month of textiles in France. Just after Christmas retailers focus on bed linen and towel sales. This is a particularly busy period for Auchan. Smooth operations are secured by extra logistics resources, i.e. wooden collars for pallets.  “Auchan is active throughout the whole year”, says  Franck Bignon, Logistics Director based in  Roncq in northern France. “We attract our customers with regular actions such as 1 Euro special offers, promotional offers on textiles and, after every summer holiday season, with advertising campaigns for school materials. In these periods we require more storage area. Owing to the wooden collars our pallets turn into crates that are solid, easy to handle, foldable and, therefore, cost-saving. Moreover, their height is adjustable to the number of products to be stored which makes them perfect for non-food items.”

In our case rental is an ideal solution. Products rented from Rotom are the right choice made at the right place and at the right time

Rental is an ideal solution

“In our case rental is an ideal solution”, emphasizes Bignon. “Rotom provides ready to use, carefully examined collars that are stocked in piles and undamaged which is a real time saver for our employees in the planning department. Once the job is done collars are returned to Rotom. Our benefit is that we pay only for the resources really needed and save plenty of storage space.”

And why Rotom?  “Their closest centre is less than an hour drive from our premises. They are a company open to new solutions that employs pro-active and engaged people. Products rented from Rotom are the right choice made at the right place and at the right time.”