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Renting roll containers and other load carriers such as pallets, dollies, plastic bins and stacking racks during peak or uncertain times can be the solution. It allows you to look ahead quickly and keeps large investments in check. A good example of this is a recent case study where a major international retailer had to remain closed for weeks due to COVID-19, but still had to be able to shoot from the starting blocks as soon as it was allowed and possible again. This aspect, together with the fact that international container shipping from Asia was unstable to say the least, led to very uncertain times.

Roll container rental tackles uncertainty

Roll container rental is on the rise. Since shopping by appointment was introduced in the Netherlands, things have slowly started to move again. However, it remains very difficult to estimate how many visitors retailers could welcome per day in their stores. This total appeared to depend heavily on factors such as floor space, opening hours, whether the store sold so-called essential goods and, of course, the national trend of infections. More than once, decision-makers have gone back on their decisions, with all the logistical consequences that this entails. Such a changing market requires flexible solutions that can be realised in the short term. Renting roll containers can be the solution. It is very expensive to purchase and store large logistical resources in advance. Especially if it is impossible to anticipate whether there will be a go from the government to welcome customers again. The customer then enters the store after weeks or months of waiting with high expectations and will be disappointed if shelves are only half full due to poor logistical flexibility.

Roll containers for short-term rental (12,000 pieces!)

The service and resources offered by Rotomrent are the ideal solution in this case. By definition, renting rolling containers instead of buying them saves a lot of purchase costs. In times of income uncertainty, that’s a big advantage. In this case, there were no less than 12,000 roll cages that the retailer wanted to deploy at short notice. Such large numbers at such short notice require a considerable effort from all parties involved. Fortunately, Rotomrent’s stock of immediately deployable load carriers is deep, and business could be done immediately. Bart Welten, international key account manager for Rotom, looks back with pride:

"An excellent example in terms of the service that Rotomrent provides for organisations in logistical need"

Thinking along with clients who are in need of load carriers is in Rotomrent’s DNA. Especially now, that can be of great importance. We realise that clients have to make difficult decisions when it comes to investments, while the future is not always so certain in financial terms.

Also looking for a solution in the field of load carriers that can’t wait? Rotomrent thinks along with you! Feel free to contact one of our advisors via +44 (0)1777 322100 or info@rotomrent.co.uk.

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