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New warehouse racking goes up

Warehouse Racking Upgraded

Now that the Rotom UK Webshop is now live we have invested in new racking for our warehouse to keep things neat and tidy!

Warehouse racking

This simple upgrade will allow us to work safely and be more organised when picking orders. Each aisle can be labelled to coincide with a product range or category which will allow our team to locate products quickly and also make it simple to do a manual stock check where needed.

This racking now allows us to store more products such as Wooden and Plastic Pallets, Pallet Collars, Plastic Containers, Plastic Pallet Boxes and much more. We even have space for more products to be delivered from our European Distribution Centre at our headquarters in Eindhoven, NL.

Things are looking good for the webshop and the team are working hard to make sure even more products are added to the site to facilitate all logistics and materials handling.