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Rotomrent has a wide range of logistics tools that can be used in various sectors. The sectors vary from retail, automotive industry, healthcare and agriculture and horticulture to the food industry.


Agriculture and arable farming are a unique industry. A sudden increase in the need for more storage space and means of transport during the harvest period occurs several times a…



The Automotive industry is one of the largest industries worldwide and is often linked to other sectors such as transport, fuel production and infrastructure development. These are all sectors with…


Do it yourself

The do-it-yourself and home improvements market is a dynamic industry where different peak periods through the seasons take place. These peak moments often result in an extra demand for transport…



Agriculture and arable farming are a unique industry. A sudden increase in the need for more storage space and means of transport during the harvest period occurs several times a…


Healthcare & Laundry

With a view to caring homes, hospitals, hotels and laundries, we have had a special and unique product developed that fits very well with the wishes and logistical requirements that…



If you and your company are active in a broad industry, which mainly focuses on producing high quality products at peak times, with increased demand, then Rotomrent is a suitable…



We realise that our customers in the logistics sector need high quality products. They have to meet the heavy demands in the supply chain of a professional environment and be…


Retail & Supermarket

At Rotomrent we rent out a number of resources that can be used in both retail and supermarkets. These products help to optimise your distribution and supply chain for both…


Roll containers for supermarkets

For each sector, specific means of transport are interesting. Nestable roll containers, for example, are often rented by supermarkets, just like display pallets and wire containers. A laundry container, a variant of a 4-sided roll container, is often used in industries that work with laundry and linen, such as hotels and hospitals. Because of the foldable front gate, it is easy to stack the linen in the container and get it out again.

Gitterboxes for automotive and installation industries

Gitterboxes are often rented in the automotive and installation industries, where a lot of small goods are stored and transported in large quantities and with high weights.

Danish plant trolley for agriculture and horticulture

In agriculture and horticulture, the Danish plant trolley is often rented, which can be used in the order picking process in a warehouse or greenhouse, but can also be used as a display in a garden centre.

Laundry containers for health care and laundries

In the health care sector, in hospitals or nursing homes for example, laundry containers are often rented to quickly transport clean and dirty laundry internally. Our laundry containers have a durable construction and can be used intensively and professionally for many years. Thanks to the collapsible front gate, stacking and picking the laundry is made as easy as possible.

Load carriers for every industry

Every industry needs its own specific tools when it comes to internal transport and storage, and we at RotomRent are very aware of this. For example, the low cost of a wooden pallet can be interesting sometimes, while a plastic pallet can be the right choice for someone looking for a pallet that is easy to clean and hygienic to use.

Different industries are highlighted below to identify which load carriers can be interesting for rent. For example, you can think of the following rental products and industries:

  • Nestable roll containers for supermarkets and retailers
  • Pallets with attachments for the do-it-yourself market
  • Gitterboxes and wire containers for the automotive industry
  • Danish Plant Trolleys and plastic crates and containers for agriculture and horticulture
  • E2 meat crates for the meat processing industry
  • Laundry containers for health care and laundries